About us


The Society for Pluralism in Economics Vienna (Gesellschaft Plurale Ökonomik Wien) is a collective of students, researchers and professionals who share a common goal: to introduce theoretical and methodological pluralism into economic teaching and research.

The outbreak of the recent global financial crisis has highlighted a severe structural problem in the economic discipline: the monopoly power held by very few schools of economic thought. As a result of this power, the same models and theories that did not predict the crisis and could not offer sustainable policy solutions in its aftermath, are still being taught at economics departments worldwide. We want to counteract this by emphasizing that there are multiple ways for conceptualizing and explaining economic interactions. Different economic theories could offer a broader set of policy measures to resolve pressing economic issues.

We are convinced that no single economic theory can provide satisfactory answers to the urgent problems we are facing. This is why we support the exchange and discourse between different schools of thought. To spread the idea of economic pluralism, we organize panel discussions, lectures, workshops, and conferences and actively contribute to designing and implementing new economics curricula. We want future generations of economists to study economics as a pluralistic discipline deeply embedded in a complex social, environmental and political framework.

The Society was founded as a response to the International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics (ISIPE) in May 2014. Widespread media attention and the cooperation with  existing groups located at universities and economic policy institutions, such as the RBK, the Mastervertretung VW.SozÖk.SEEP and VrauWL, led to a wave of broad support for our cause. After organizing several events, most recently the 1st Vienna Conference on Pluralism in Economics, we now recognize that there is widespread demand for change in the economic discipline.

Change must come from all layers of society. So we invite everyone who shares our goal to get in touch and join the movement!


Facebook: fb.com/PluraleOekonomikWien
Email: pluralismus@wu.ac.at