Vienna International Summer School: Modelling the Political Economy of Bank Regulatory Evasion


Date: 6 September – 9 September 2017

Location: Vienna University of Economics and Business (Welthandelsplatz 1, A-1020 Vienna)

Deadline for applications is extended to 31 May 2017. The application form will ask for a short CV and a short statement (max. 500 words) of the motivation to participate, in particular, on how the workshop relates to study and research interests, and an address of one academic adviser who may be contacted for reference. All applicants will be informed by mid-June and participants will be provided with a reading package.

We accept 35 participants.

Accommodation: magdas Hotel (Laufbergergasse 12, A-1020 Vienna). Accomodation plus 2 meals/day are covered by the summer school!

About the event: The summer school aims to provide an introduction to shadow banking and its nature of regulatory evasion to interested graduate students (MA and PhD) and young researchers. Since the emergence of the shadow banking system concerns not only regulatory bodies but also critical macroeconomics, we want to analytically connect the two angles onto the subject. Heterodox economic theory, methodological tools and modelling techniques will be taught to students: we ambitiously hope that some research projects/papers will emerge from this encounter.

Since we are well aware how demanding such intense studying can be we genuinely aim to offer the best well-fare possible. Therefore, all participants are invited to stay with us in the wonderful magdas Hotel where we can re-charge our batteries with rich breakfasts and dinners. We also offer one brunch lecture for those who prefer to sleep in and to eat while absorbing intellectual input. Generally, the diverse in-depth programme of the summer school will consist of overview lectures, a key note, student study (seminar) groups, and open discussions. It will feature leading international researchers in the area, like Gary Dymski (Leeds UBS), Ewa Karwowski (Kingston University), Antoine Godin (Kingston University), Jakob Kapeller (JKU Linz), Adrienne Roberts (UoM), Helene Schuberth (OeNB), Jo Michell (UWE Bristol), Daniela Gabor (UWE Bristol), Eugenio Caverzasi (UoP), and Manuel Scholz-Wäckerle (WU), covering the following areas:

    • Financial Markets and Fragility
    • Shadow Banking: From Financial Instability to Power in Finance
    • Shadow Money and Temporality in Shadow Banking
    • Financialisation: Theory and Empirics in Global South and Global North
    • Unconventional Monetary Policy of the ECB and the FED
    • Shadow banking: does it make traditional banking obsolete, can it be regulated, and is it the future of finance?

Application: Please apply through the web-form available on the summer school’s website.


The summer school language is English. There is a fee of EUR 50 for each participant for accommodation and 2 meals/day, payable after acceptance. Unfortunately, travelling costs cannot be covered.


Contact: viss[at]